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The MEIJI Techno INFINITY cameras are supplied with INFINITY Capture & INFINITY Analyze software.

These high performance camera/software packages make general image acquisition and analysis more convenient and much more affordable than other systems available on the market.

The programs are intuitive and easy to use which provide operators with a fast-start platform for recording images.

INFINITY Capture provides simple capture/recording of samples with camera controls at hand.

INFINITY Analyze incorporates the features of the Capture software but also allows measurement, annotation and other analysis processes.

For professional imaging,look no further than MEIJI Techno for your requirements

  • DK32000 (DKX32) 32Mpixel CMOS Colour Camera
  • DK21000 (DKX21) 21Mpixel CMOS Colour Camera
  • DK11LF 11Mpixel large sensor format (35mm) CMOS Colour Camera
  • DK5000 5Mpixel CMOS Colour Camera
  • DK3000 #Mpixel CMOS Colour Camera
  • CC2300 3.3Mpixel CCD Colour Camera
  • Software development kit
  • Various C-mount & Digital camera adapters
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